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"Australia is breathtakingly beautiful, and I can't wait to visit again."

                                                                                                Joe Nichols


"John Lim Migration provided timely advice and professional service for my smooth and successful migration to Australia!"  Caryn (a successful client)

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People come to Australia for different reasons: study, touring, work or permanent migration to this beautiful country.  Whatever may be your reasons, we at John Lim Migration are dedicated to providing you with the best migration solutions that will meet your needs.  


At John Lim Migration, no problem is too big or too difficult to handle.  Talk to us today and we will see how we may help you!



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At John Lim Migration we provide professional and quality advice and services on migrating to or visiting Australia.  We are updated with the latest developments in Australia migration laws so that you will always receive from us the most accurate information.


At John Lim Migration, time is of the essence for all of our clients.  We therefore provide our services promptly and in a timely manner without compromising the merit of our clients' applications.


Last but not least, we offer competitive prices for our services. Expect quality service and results at affordable prices.  


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Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 6.00pm

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