John Lim Migration

"Australia is breathtakingly beautiful, and I can't wait to visit again."

                                                                                                Joe Nichols


About John Lim Migration

John Lim Migration is a registered Australian migration agency based in Perth, Western Australia.  Our aim is to provide you with excellent, quality and personal migration advice and services at competitive prices.


Our Principal, Mr John Lim, is born in Singapore.  He migrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1988.  Since then, he has been actively involved in migration-related matters and brings with him a wealth of experience to back our customer-based professional services with the most reliable information, legal developments and recommendations for all your migration needs.  


At John Lim Migration Agent Pty Ltd, our staff speak English and Mandarin, and are conversant in various Chinese dialects.  Mr John Lim also speaks Malay.